Behold! A Clever Cameo Collage of Stan Lee!

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The mighty creative costume makers over at MorphCostumes, have conjured a clever cameo collage of the one and only Stan Lee.

Having been instrumental in the creation and success of so many of Marvel's mightiest heroes, he has been invited time and again to appear in the movies. Even though movies such as SPIDER-MAN and X-MEN were produced by rival studios, his notoriety transcends the angers over who has rights to what.

His cameos have become so 'meta' that some conspiracy theorists claim that he has a larger role to play in all of these movies as...

The Watcher!

Regardless of why he's there, it's something we've all grown to love about these movies, in a 'Where's Waldo' sort of way. So feast your eyes on this awesome array of appearances!