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Analyzing The Band Analyzed Within

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Christians Getting Down!

Whenever you think of metal bands your first thoughts may be Metallica, Iron Maiden, Slayer and so on but even Christians love to get down and head bang for the Lord. An uprising Christian metal band, Analyzed Within is releasing their latest album and showing just how heavy metal Christians can truly be.




Analyzed Within is comprised of three very talented members.

Brandon Burch Daniel Ortega Joshua Moore

September 20, 1991

Founder, Lead Guitarist, Mixer and Producer.

November 17, 1990


March 13, 1991

Lead Vocalist and Writer.


With their new album on the verge of release I was lucky enough to sit down with the boys and ask them to share their story and how the whole project came to be.


- What started your band and how did you guys settle on the name?


Brandon Burch.

- “I started Analyzed Within originally as a solo project. It was a moniker for myself so that I could put out music under a name other than my own. I wanted the name to represent my personality. I have always been an analytical person, sometimes over-analyzing situations. After thinking a while, the name Analyzed Within just kind of came to me. Unintentionally, the name had a parallel meaning. Information is Analyzed Within me on a mental level - but as a believer in Christ, I am Analyzed Within by Him. It was later, before my EP would be released, that I reunited with my cousin, Joshua Moore. I told him about my project and the desire for a vocalist who could "scream" over it. Josh offered his talents - and just like that, Analyzed Within became a collaborative project. It wasn't until summer of last year, while writing and planning for a worship album, Daniel Ortega became our drummer. We reconnected on Facebook.”


- What would you say your main influences are when it comes to writing and composing a song?


Brandon Burch.

- “For me as the guitarist, I have so many influences I pull from, though my main influences for this album have been: RED, Hope for the Dying, After the Burial, Kreepmaster, and WideK.”


Daniel Ortega.

- “For me as a drummer, my main influence was The Rev from Avenged Sevenfold. From there I have pulled from Bullet For My Valentine, RED, TFK, and Nine Lashes to name a few. As far as composing, for me its just feeling the music and placing parts that compliment it as a whole.”


Joshua Moore.

- “As the lyricist and lead vocalist, a lot of my influence came actually from a lot of choral work I did in my school choir. Lol Never thought those base fundamentals would come in so critical one day. As far as influences go, Killswitch Engage, Breaking Benjamin and Wolves at the Gate have been places I have drawn a lot of inspiration.”


- What do you think the backbone of your band is?


Joshua Moore.

- “I believe we all three would agree our Backbone is Jesus Christ. He gives us strength and the talents we possess. Without Him, we are nothing.”


Brandon Burch.

- “God brought us all together because we all share the same vision. We desire our future bassist, whomever that is, to have the same vision.”


- Do you guys receive any flak for being a Christian Metal band?


Joshua Moore.

- “Usually the only thing that I run into when that comes up in conversation is that the person just doesn't really care for Christian music in general. Sometimes it's even a good gateway into introducing them to Christ.”


Brandon Burch.

- “Yeah, me too. Although, I do sometimes find that people look at me cross eyed for saying Christian and Metal in the same sentence.”


Daniel Ortega.

“In my experience any time you say "metal" people tend to cringe a bit because for some reason they believe anything metal is "devil music" and when you put "Christian" in front of it, they just look at you like you have two heads.”


- Do you often find it hard to complete a song or album giving the fact every member of the band is spread out?


Joshua Moore.

- “Certain aspects can be tough. The ability to just jump into the sound booth and start recording can be hard since we live so far away and our schedules seem to never sync. Practice is hard as well. Haha I think the only thing that's easy is file sharing. But we have chosen a side in this thing and now we have an enemy and he will do everything he can to stop us from saying what we are trying to say.”


Daniel Ortega.

- “It can be challenging at times for sure trying to balance work, personal life, and band responsibilities. We always find a way to make it work and meet the deadlines.”


Brandon Burch.

- “I echo what the guys were saying. Our schedules are rarely in perfect sync, and there is usually some lag time between us all, but it's OK. We have Messenger and Dropbox in which we share our ideas when we can. Josh has been coming over to my place and tracking as much vocals as possible for the 2017 drop - when we have everything recorded for our part two release.”


- How would you reach out to someone who has never heard your work before?


Brandon Burch.

- “For me, I try finding common ground between the person and our band. If they like the style of music already, I compare our sound by giving examples of our influences. Or I will use adjectives to describe us, such as: We are an atmospheric, electronic, progressive metal band - with the central theme of praising Christ.”


- What are some of your favorite songs you've currently produced?


Brandon Burch.

- “My top favorite is our closing track, Greater Picture.”


Daniel Ortega.

- “For me it would have to be Inside of Me.”


Joshua Moore.

- “On the current album I would have to say Burdens.”


- What advice could you give to someone who maybe trying to start up their own band?


Brandon Burch.

- “I would say make sure you all have the same vision. Some members may want to do the whole band thing just for fun, and others make it a career. Be sure you are all on the same page. Also it helps if the band members are already friends. This will help you see if you will all get along well.”


Joshua Moore.

- “You've got to mesh. It's just like a lot of organizations. There has to be give and take.”


Daniel Ortega.

- “I agree. You have to all have the same vision and most definitely be flexible and getting along I think is the foundation to it all.”


- Most people think it's exciting or “cool” to be in a band but what are the pros and cons of being in a band?


Brandon Burch.

- “While it's fun and all to write songs together and hopefully play shows, just know that life happens - and sometimes there's delays, rescheduling, or the possibility of re tracking an entire song because it just didn't work well in the mix. It's not all sunshine - sometimes you have to learn to grow and play through the storm. Also one important thing to note: your first EP will almost always stink. But be okay with that - it's part of your growing process as musicians. You get better and better with each release. Own it, but have fun doing it.”


Daniel Ortega.

- “Especially with each of us having different schedules we have to adapt, Its like having a second job.


Joshua Moore.

- “Yes haha it's also more work than what a lot of people think. Tracking, practicing, traveling. Writing new material as well.”


- Look back on everything you have done. How do you feel about all of your hard work and does it feel worth it in the end?


Brandon Burch.

- “Since it's all for God, and he gives me the desire to use my talents, I would say it's most definitely worth it for me. I've had a lot of fun, and I've learned a lot about mixing and guitar playing in general.”


Joshua Moore.

- “I would say the same. What we are doing is for God. I believe God has given everyone of us a gift or talent and if we don't use these then we are going against how he made us. Our talents and gifts make each of us unique. Ours just happen to be musical.”


Daniel Ortega.

- “I think our reward will come when we start to see our music reach those who are in need of something to believe in that brings them hope that there is more to life than what's in front of us on this earth and that is Jesus. After all without him we are nothing.”


Now let's roll right on into the music! I was immediately impressed from the get go as soon as I started the first track and the mix was perfect. This I have to say is honestly one of the few metal bands I have heard that is harmonically beautiful and the details put into every instrument is just stunning.

This isn't that type of metal where it sounds grungy and distorted nor do you feel they are trying to blow out your speakers by increasing the bass but instead I was left in awe as I felt I was being treated with a fine dessert and every flavor had to be enjoyed and accounted for. I found myself really taking my time in listening to each song very carefully and wanting to tune my ears to different moments of a song and found myself respecting each separate treat that was added in.

If this is what Christian metal sounds like or is supposed to sound like then I believe God is leading these talented men in the right direction and showing just how epic God truly is and even if you aren't a Christian then I feel you should still give their music a shot because the current album is a instrumental release and if I am already floored by what I hear I can only imagine what vocals can add into this.

Now I want to take the time to really appreciate the mix in this whole album because it's very evident that a lot of time and love went into putting this all together because I feel that the mix was to design the sound of not only the final product but to appreciate every little detail and gems that were not just thrown in to add onto the song but to compliment but to show you it's the little wonderful things that created the bigger picture.

If you need something epic yet beautiful or if you are just a fan of instrumental music packed with layers of enjoyment then please head on over and consider downloading their newly released album and who knows you might just find something you actually like and it doesn't stop there. Your favorite songs will eventually be released again with lyrics and I have myself several favorites that leave me interested and wondering how this will sound and what story does this song really tell?

It's left up to you to analyze the band Analyzed Within for yourself.

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4.5 / 5.0