Comic Book Writer, Ron Marz, to Attend Syracuse Comic-Con

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The Syracuse Comic-Con is growing. Bringing in top talent is the best way to draw the attention of out-of-town con goers, ultimately increasing attendance and notoriety.

According to a tweet, posted to Ron Marz's official twitter account, he will be attending the Syracuse Comic-Con.

Having long-time comic book writer, Ron Marz, in attendance will certainly help. Known for his work on Silver Surfer and Green Lantern, Marz has tackled many different projects for both DC and Marvel. As versatile as he is creative, he has found himself writing for lesser-known publishers as well.

My introduction to Marz's work, easily turned into one of my  personal favorites: his work on the title SCION for CrossGen comics. It featured world-building on a level that I wasn't prepared for; mixing science fiction with fantasy.

Fans of WITCHBLADE may be more familiar with his work as he is credited for writing issues #80-#150. You would be hard pressed to find someone with that kind of longevity these days.

He is also notorious for his controversial run on Green Lantern, for which he fundamentally changed Hal Jordan to make way for Kyle Raynor.

During the New 52, DC launched the ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN non-serialized comic. Marz wrote what many feel was the best story of the entire run in issue #15, where Superman essentially met the Iron Giant.

Having his work stretch across multiple comic book publishers, over 30 years, is a credit to his dedication towards producing great stories whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Syracuse, NY isn't exactly what you'd consider a 'comic book mecca'. As a matter of fact, nationally, it's more known for collegiate basketball and it's Dinosaur BBQ sauce. It's a big enough city that could support a mid-level comic-con though and given the 60,000 square-foot SRC Arena that is hosting the event, its well on it's way. Syracuse is smack dab in the middle of the state, where two major highways intersect, so it's very easy to get to from all directions. With time and support from its community, it could develop into a major player on the 'con circuit'. 

If you're within driving distance to Syracuse, NY and you want to meet a prolific comic book writer, such as Ron Marz, you will want to start planning your trip now. A 1-day event on November 13th, the Syracuse Comic-Con is less than a month away.