How Successful Has Comic Con Been in Las Vegas?

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Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con

The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con is the one place for Nevada’s pop culture community to get together and bond with their fellow geek. What started out as a small little get together has been getting bigger and better every year, with this year drawing in a great crowd of passionate fans. But, this year there were a couple of pretty big changes that managed to mix it up. How does ALVCC compare to other conventions?

One of the bigger changes that happed to the ALVCC this year is that it finally outgrew its old home at the South Point casino and found a new nest at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Already the new venue made such an improvement to the way things were run. For starters, there was so much more space on the floor. The isles that were uncomfortably cramped and impossible to navigate became suddenly open. The queues for the booths were actually not too bad thanks to the extra breathing space and the chance to talk to the people around you. One of the people that benefitted the most from the new venue was the cosplayers. People had enough space to see all the cool costumes and the cosplayers that put the extra effort into their get up didn’t have to worry about poking any eyes out or having their costume ruined in the crowd. Although some people might have missed being able to play a bit of Texas hold’em in the casino after the convention, most people there were really loving the changes.

There were even more changes to the ALVCC this year that made some great impressions on the attendees. Last year John Barrowman, leading actor of Torchwood and one of the supporting cast members in Arrow, was the star of the show and drew in a heaving crowd that queued for hours to get autographs and photos. However, this year the focus was less on big named celebs and more on behind the scenes creators. Artists and writers were the biggest names and it gave the convention a new, low-key edge. Instead of fans swarming to catch their favourite actors, convention goers were mostly spread out around the booths which gave everyone more time and space to talk to the creators. The special guests also consisted of a lot more cool creators that got to delve into their work with more detail. Although the panel rooms were a bit small in the new venue, all of them were really interesting and more intimate.

Overall, ALVCC might not be as big and as bold as a lot of the high profile conventions out there, but that doesn’t make it any less special. What ALVCC lacks in publicity it makes up for in charm and comfort. It’s less tense, crowded, sweaty and stressful. Here you can catch up with some of your favourite creatives without other fans trying to elbow you out of the way. This year they had great guests like Chris Claremont, Kevin Eastman and Steve McNiven, so everybody’s expecting even more great names next year. If you’re looking for a few kindred spirits to bond with and fascinating content then you definitely shouldn’t miss next year’s ALVCC.