Interview with WrestlePro's Chris Payne

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Mike:  I can remember exactly when and where I became a fan of Chris Payne.  February 2015, my co-writer Chris suggested that I go with him to a Pro Wrestling Syndicate show.  At the time, WWE, NXT (which was basically in it's infancy), and Lucha Underground were my entire wrestling world.  But I figured why not.  Tickets were pretty reasonably priced, and Johnny Mundo was going to be there.  

In the Rahway Rec Center, the third match of the night was Chris Payne Vs Eddie KIngston.  From the first time I saw Chris Payne, I was impressed. He had a terrific look, and he could really go in the ring.  Later on I found that in addition to his incredible in-ring work, he’s also a police officer for the NYPD.  A true hero inside and outside the ring.
These days, Chris Payne wrestles for WrestlePro as part of the heel faction Edward Jackson Five…

I have been looking forward to getting to talk to Chris Payne for a while.  Thanks to Chris for taking the time to do this and WrestlePro's Social Media Director Chad Minnes for setting this up.  

1) A few weeks ago, I turn on NXT and I see Chris Payne in the ring against the Authors of Pain.  How did this come about? 

Well I had reached out to WWE and asked if they needed any extras and they asked me my available dates so I told when I was and also if there were any spots for NXT and next thing I knew I got an email that I was booked for NXT in Florida.
2) Growing up, were you a fan of wrestling?  If so, who were your favorites?
Yes, of course! Of course like everyone else I liked Hogan and Warrior but my absolute favorite is Macho Man Randy Savage
3) How did you get into the wrestling business?
This is actually my 4th stint in wrestling, first 3 times I was immature and careless and didn't really devote my time and effort. But this is what I feel like I was meant to do and I didn't wanna live in regret, so I got back into it in 2012 and haven't looked back.
4) Favorite moment in your career so far?
I have a few that are equally amazing
5) What goals do you have for your wrestling career?
My goal is to wrestle for WWE but in between then I would like to wrestle the best that wrestling has to offer and just be the best wrestler I can be.
6) How do you balance being a real life hero vs a heel in the ring?
It's tough.  You never know when something is gonna happen and you're always on high alert especially now with cops being picked off left and right so it's very dangerous. But I do the best i can to give 100% in both. And it's tough to go from a 9 hour day at work to 2 hours in the gym and then go train or work a show or two on the weekend. But I love it so I don't let it get to me.
7) Who are your biggest influences in wrestling and out of wrestling?
My father definitely influences me in life. Till this day he gives me the best advice he can and always helps me when I ask. Inside the ring someone that always helps me and talks with me to improve is Dan Maff. He's been amazing to have around me. Been an great mentor and friend.
8) Which WrestlePro (or non-WrestlePro) guys would you like to work with?
Line em up! Lol!
Honestly there's a lot of guys out there that are tearing it up. I mean off the top of my head Jaka, JT Dunn, Rudeboy Riley 
And those are just guys from the area.  There's a bunch more, so I'll accept all and any.
9) As we get ready to start the new year, but can expect from Chris Payne in 2017?  Will we finally get to see Chris Payne wearing some gold in WrestlePro? 
 More aggressive, more assertive, more confident. That's the plan. I plan on making a name for myself in 2017. Gonna get after it a lot more and people are gonna be surprised
10) Outside of the wrestling business, what are your other interests?
I collect toys, love movies and my jeeps lol and baseball and football.  
<<Author's note: in his collection, Chris has an incredible Jurassic Park Jeep that he customized.  It is one of the coolest things I have ever seen.>>
11) Why should someone come out to a WrestlePro show?
Wrestlepro is putting out some of the best homegrown talent that there is and at such a short period of time and the progression we have made it's only getting better every time we go out there and perform. And our production quality is amazing. We put great effort into being as professional As possible. All that said it makes for a great show. I would def get to a show!!