Bob Hope: Hope for the Holidays

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Bob Hope: Hope for the Holidays on DVD

The world lost a fine entertainer when Bob Hope died. I grew up watching him go "on the road" with Bing Crosby and perform in his many other comedy films. But Bob was more than just that. His numerous trips overseas, sacrificing time with his family to entertain U.S. troops, made him a national treasure.

We may have lost Bob, but thanks to DVDs like this one, we'll never lose Hope.

HOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS collects two of Hope's more memorable television holiday specials -- BOB HOPE'S BAG FULL OF CHRISTMAS MEMORIES (1993) and THE COMEDY HOUR (1950).

The first show is a gathering at the Hope household, featuring a collection of stars of the time, from The Judds to Joey Lawrence, from Loni Anderson to Ed Marinaro -- not to mention all the appearances via archival footage! Bob and Redd Foxx play disgruntled reindeer; Bob and Red Skelton (doing his Freddie the Freeloader bit) experience a Christmas miracle when Santa pops in; and Jack Benny tries to hold up the North Pole when the stickup goes awry.



The CHRISTMAS MEMORIES also include several videos of Bob's overseas visits to U.S. troops, which almost always featured one of the beautiful actresses of the time who would manage to upstage Bob (which was usually right according to the script).

The disc wraps things up with a trip to 1950 for The Comedy Hour where Bob's Christmas television tradition took root. Musical numbers and variety show skits (complete with flubbed lines, like Bob referring to Red Skelton as "Red" in the Freddie the Freeloader skit) make this a charming return to some of the golden moments of television history. Definitely something to make your spirits bright this holiday season!

4.0 / 5.0