The Knights are Brick in Town in LEGO Nexo Knights Season 2

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NEXO Knights Season 2

Strap in for another season of action, adventure, and LEGO bricks with the NEXO Knights! The evil jester, Jestro, is back, and he's got the living Book of Monsters with him! They continue they're hunt for the other books of evil that were scattered from their place of safe keeping when Merlock's tower exploded, and as they find them they get even more powerful.

Fortunately the NEXO Knights are better trained than they were in their first season, and their characters -- while still unique to each of them -- are less two-dimensional than they were when we first met them. They're going to need to employ all their monster fighting training and new downloaded abilities from Merlock 2.0 if they're going to save the day!

The knights will have to travel to various locations to stop Jestro's mayhem as the jester looks to cause as much chaos as possible. Their hunt will take them to places like a chili cook-off and a grand ball -- as well as my personal favorite, a comic book convention! (If you can imagine such a thing being any more chaotic than it already is!)

This two-disc set contains all ten episodes from the second season of the LEGO adventure series.

Disc One Disc Two
01. Back to School
02. Greed is Good?
03. The Book of Obsession
04. The King's Tournament
05. Monster Chef
06. Knight Out
07. Saturday Knight Fever
08. Open Mike Knight
09. The Fortex and the Furious
10. Kingdom of Heroes