Let's Go PJ Masks!

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Let's Go PJ Masks! on DVD

Kids by day. Superheroes (and villains) by night. When the sun goes down, these students slip into their PJs and into action as the PJ Masks -- Owlette, Gekko and Catboy!

This Disney Junior original series taps into the superhero inside all of us, as Amaya, Greg, and Connor discover problems at school during the day and then make them right at night as the PJ Masks team. And they do it not with their super powers (although they certainly help!) but with teamwork, sacrifice, and other life lessons that make them role models for younger (and older) viewers everywhere.

Part of what makes the PJ Masks team so great is that they're flawed. They have their moments of laziness, of selfishness, of insecurity. But it's when they overcome these qualities, more so than overcoming the bad guys, that we get to see what makes a hero. Oh, sure, it's exciting to watch a miniaturized Catboy try to conquer bad guys Romeo and Night Ninja after they've used their shrinker on him, and we can cheer on Gekko when he tries to save Cameron from becoming the latest sleepwalking puppet in Luna Girl's collection. But ultimately it's when the PJ's learn something that we get to the crux of each story, and those are the moments that will stick with viewers.



This DVD release contains six adventures from the Disney Junior series, as well as a bonus music video, "Let's Go PJ Masks!" It's a fun and funny series that is a great entry point for children into the superhero genre of storytelling.

LET'S GO PJ MASKS! is available now on DVD.

4.0 / 5.0