In Saint Louis, Halloween Means The Dave Glover Show

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The DGS Halloween Show 2017

Who doesn't love Halloween? Some cultures love it so much, it's not a night but a three-day celebration. Some towns, like Rutland, Vermont, hold a huge parade. And almost everywhere, kids dress up in costumes and go begging for candy. (Here at Critical Blast, we love it so much we dedicate a monthly feature just to people who put on costumes all year long!)

For Saint Louis, Missouri, the tradition for almost two decades now has been the Dave Glover Halloween Show, on FM 97.1. Dave and his cohorts, Mark Klose, Rachel Zimmerman, and Tony Colombo, comprise the cast of the consistently number one rated radio show in the market, and the Halloween episode is a huge draw.

The special episode highlight's Dave's curiosity about things paranormal. It almost always involves going to a place that is reputedly haunted and spending the night there with a few listeners and paranormal investigators, recording sounds and video and just seeing how creeped out they can get. And the footage they've obtained is sometimes more phenomenal than anything you've seen on any ghost-hunting show you'll find on cable television! (You can see all the prior episodes, including footage taken at the Exorcist House, in their archives at

This year, I had the privilege of meeting the cast to talk about the Halloween show, where it's going to be, and what makes it so spooktacularly special.