Celebrating 65 Years of the White House with Wings, Air Force One

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Air Force One 65 Year Anniversary

Technically, "Air Force One" is the designation for any airplane that carries the President of the United States -- although when we hear the phrase, it is generally in reference to one of  two specially modified Boeing 747 jumbo jets. Even when the Presidents began flying, the designation went from Guess Where II and Sacred Cow (both with FDR), Independence (with Truman) and Columbine I and II (for Eisenhower) before it finally settled, sixty-five years ago, on the Air Force One call sign.

Now Robert F. Dorr and Nicholas A. Veronico have compiled not just a photographic historical retrospective of the various plans that have filled the role, but also a unique collection of anecdotes surrounding the evolution of the planes, missions they have flown, and other various methods of air travel for Presidents.

This gorgeous oversized hardcover is replete with brilliant archival images as well as modern-day photos, right up to and including the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. Not all of this photography has been seen before, and Veronico, an aviation expert himself, is just the guy to chronicle how the plane has changed through the years, including updates to get it into the digital age as well as plans for the future of the aircraft.

Whether you are a fan of aviation or of Presidential history, AIR FORCE ONE: THE AIRCRAFT OF THE MODERN PRESIDENCY is a book you will enjoy many times, on many levels.

4.5 / 5.0