WrestlePro Preview and Predictions - June 8, 2018

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WrestlePro makes it's long awaited return to their home at the Rahway Recreation Center in Rahway, NJ on Friday, June 8. Tickets are on sale here!

There are some real big names in the house this month. Tyson Kidd, Demolition, D'Lo Brown, RVD, and Mene Gene Okerland are all here, plus we have Ultimo Dragon, James Ellworth, Flip Gordon, Colt Cobana, and Brandi Rhodes wrestling, along with the always terrific WrestlePro originals.

As usual, WrestlePro has a stacked card, and I am here with your predictions!

WrestlePro Gold Title Cage Match - CAQ (c) vs Kevin Matthews

The landscape of WrestlePro has certainly shifted dramatically over the last year.  Last June, CAQ was a flunky for Bobby Wayward, and Kevin Matthews was just about the most beloved guy on the roster.  Now CAQ is champ, and Kevin Matthews has turned his back on the fans becoming the most hated guy in WrestlePro.  

CAQ has been a force of nature in WrestlePro, but Kevin Matthews seems like he will do anything to win that title.  Expect Reality Check to interfere in this one, and that title will end up around Kevin Matthews waist.  

Winner: Kevin Matthews

WrestlePro Silver Title Dog Collar Match - Dan Maff (c) Vs Bear Bronson

Maff went from a brutal feud last year with WrestlePro owner Pat Buck to another brutal feud, this time with the young upstart Bear Bronson. These match ups have been intense and downright scary at times.  Bear has certainly given as good as he's gotten.  

That said, there is not enough money in the world to BE CHAINED TO THE BAYONNE BADASS!  Bear has a fighting spirit, but when you are facing a pissed off Maff, it is all about survival not winning.  I don't know if there is anyone who can take that title off Dan Maff...

Winner: Dan Maff

7-Way Ladder Match for a Future WrestlePro title shot - Shawn Donovan Vs Anthony Bowens Vs Bobby Wayward Vs Crowbar Vs Matt Macintosh vs Fallah Bahh vs Nikos Rikos

That is a hell of a lot of talent in this one.  Three former WrestlePro champions in Matt Macintosh, Bobby Wayward, and Anthony Bowens... Fallah Bahh who is making a name for himself in Impact... Crowbar a totally underrated legend... One of WrestlePro's best young talents in Nikos Rikos... Shawn Donovan is a veteran who always puts on a hell of a match.  There are a lot of great matches on this show, but this is definitely a match that can easily steal the show.

Who wins it?   Matt Maicntosh is a fearless flyer so he seems like he would be at home in a ladder match.  Bowens and Wayward had an incredible Ladder match last year for the WrestlePro title.  Fallah Bahh, Donovan and Crowbar aren't guys you normally think of in a Ladder Match, but all three are smashmouth, and if your opponents can't get up, they can't climb a ladder.  And Nikos Rikos has shown many times over that he is willing to do anything to win a match.

You know what, I am picking Donovan.  I think it's really time to see him climbing the ladder in WrestlePro...both literally and metaphorically.  A win here puts him right in the main event picture where he belongs.

Winner: Shawn Donovan

Ultimo Dragon W/Sonny Onoo vs Joey Janela w/Penelope Ford

One thing I have always loved about WrestlePro is that they always manage to give me matches I didn't even know I wanted.  Ultimo is still going strong...he has to be over 50 years old at this point.  Joey Janela has fast put himself on the map as one of the biggest names in the indys.  This should be a hell of a match up.  I think I have to give the win to the Bad Boy here.

Winner: Joey Janela

All-In Golden Ticket Match - MJF and Madison Rayne Vs Flip Gordon and Brandi Rhodes

Flip Gordon has been trying for months to get a spot on the massive All In show in Chicago.  Cody told him that in order to get the spot, he needs to find a partner to beat MJF and Madison Rayne.  He shrewdly picked Brandi Rhodes...and we are getting the match in WrestlePro!  This match is a huge get for WrestlePro, and I am surprised that there hasn't been a lot of advertising around this match as a bit of an All In Preview.

MJF comes from Pat's school, and he's another fast rising indy star.  Flip Gordon is a lot of fun to watch in the ring, and I think he will definitely shine in a massive environment like All In....but September is still quite a bit a way, so I don't think this story ends here and now.  You know what, she may be beautiful, but I don't trust Brandi Rhodes.  I expect her to turn on Flip costing him this match.

Winner: MJF and Madison Rayne

WrestleProTag Title Match - LAX (c) vs Massage Envy

I can't see LAX having a lot of patience for Massage Envy's antics.  I hate having "outsiders" as the WrestlePro tag champions, but this isn't the team that is going to take down LAX.

Winner: LAX 

Corrine Mink and Katarina Vs Kristen Stadtlander and Katie Forbes

Corrine Mink has come a long way!  The self proclaimed Golden Girl is already one of my daughter's favorite wrestlers (Mario Bokara still has the top spot, but it's damn close).  It's great to see her getting more of a spotlight.  Some really big names in this match, but in our family, we will always be Team Rin!

Winner: Corrine Mink/Katarina 

Craig Steele Vs James Ellsworth

Nice to see James Ellworth here at WrestlePro.  He's got some WWE experience, so you would think that could give him an edge here...

BUT, I have been saying all year that this is the Year of Craig Steele.  With those two hands, James Ellsworth is in for one big ass kicking from The Big Deal.

Winner: Craig Steele

Colt Cabana Vs Buster Jackson

Colt Cabana has a win over Bobby Lashley!  Buster Jackson is certainly a talented performer, but who could possibly beat a man who single handed defeated Walking Armageddon???  Buster doesn't stand a chance!

Actually, this should be a real entertaining match.  Colt always puts on a great show, and I think Buster will be able to match him goofy spot for goofy spot.

Winner: Colt Cabana

Heavenly Bodies Vs Beach Bums

In a card full of big matches, the Heavenly Bodies and Beach Bums could feel like a throwaway match, but both of these teams always give it their all when they are in the ring.  I actually think this match may surprise some people.

I am still counting the days until the Bodies bring back home the tag titles, so the Beach Bums are kind of just a speed bump in the road for them here.

Winner: Heavenly Bodies

Team Espana vs JOB Security vs The Amazing Graysons

Hmmm....three solid teams here, but even with Coach D retired, I still gotta stick with my boys, Team Espana for the victory!

Winner: Team Espana