Did Peter Fonda Tank Boundaries with Twitter Rant?

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Peter Fonda drew shock and outrage across the country when he took to Twitter with a profanity-laced rant; and it may have been a bridge too far for moviegoers.

Taking to the Internet to vent about immigration policies, Fonda's comments included suggestions about tossing President Trump's son Barron into a cage with pedophiles. These comments went public barely a week before Fonda's newest movie, BOUNDARIES, was to see limited release from Sony Pictures.

Fonda shortly thereafter deleted the tweets and issued apologies, but it may have been too little and too late. BOUNDARIES opened to a domestic gross of $29,552 according to Box Office Mojo. (The Numbers show the domestic box office at $30,395.) For a film boasting names like Christopher Lloyd, Christopher Plummer, and Vera Farmiga, those numbers aren't very encouraging, even taking into account that the film only opened to 5 theaters.

When and if a wide-release happens, the film has already garnered middling reviews, with Rotten Tomatoes showing a 55% aggregate score among critics.

Audiences can and do go against the opinion of the critics (and as one, even I have to admit that). However, it seems unlikely that BOUNDARIES is headed anywhere but the home video market, where the producers may hope to recoup enough to at least pay the actors' salaries. While it's not clear whether the low take is a reflection on Fonda's actions or whether BOUNDARIES simply is a lackluster film, it's going to be a talking point among those who took umbrage at the actor's comments.

Barely a month before Fonda's tweets, actress Roseanne Barr made her infamous statement about Valerie Jarrett and had her hit show cancelled less than 24 hours later.