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Social networking has become the new form of communication. We live online; constantly entangled with the web as we go through daily life. It’s on nearly every pc and smartphone/device. Social networking is not just a way to stay in contact with family and friends, it’s become a platform to see and be seen. 

Users build a social presence online, that presence is the deeply echoed mirror of how we like to be perceived. All social networking has done, is set standards for clicks and groups that you as a person aspire to be apart of. So, social networking is a platform that is a part of our daily lives in various ways. We aspire to different standards and keep up to date with the latest news and trends around the globe. 

We are interconnected and we love it. With the likes of Facebook and Twitter, what could possibly give you an extra wedge in the world of social media? There’s a new kid on the block called Vero and it’s challenging Instagram head on. 

What Is Vero? 

Vero is a social networking/sharing site created by Ayman Hariri. Created out of simple frustration with the platform Instagram, Hariri set on a quest to create a social network that affords users with more control than Instagram. 

Even though there have been numerous social networking sites that sprung up and began soaring, the majority of them did crash at some point. What’s interesting about Vero is the fact that the platform has recently reached a near whopping 3 million users. The network could very well be Instagram’s biggest threat to date. 

Vero’s Features

Vero is about so much more than sharing photos. Even though it’s based on the same systematics as Instagram, Vero takes personal presence to the next level by affording users with dynamic control over their social presence. 

The platform has a various array of features much like a Canadian mobile casino, and lets users post unique images, links of current locations and even share personal recommendations on popular culture. Vero also has categorized controls for both sharing and following. 

Take Control Of Sharing And Following 

Vero also has unique functionality on the sharing and following side of the platform.  When users share content they can control the audience attracted to the relevance posts. This is achieved through a sliding scale from close friend to followers. Users also have the capability to categorize their friends into relevant post audience scale.

When users opt to follow other people on Vero it is possible to toggle following settings to niche groups such as music recommendations. Vero also include chat and commenting features, much like you would find on Instagram.

Why Vero could work?  

Even though there have been an assortment of apps that challenged popular social networking sites, Vero has distinguished itself by affording users with more control over their social presence. This has allowed for a new dynamic in the social realm.