Top Comic Book Artist Admits He "Doesn't Read Comic Books"

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In a shocking revelation, during a harmless exchange on Twitter, top comic book artist Brett Booth admitted that he doesn't read comic books "anymore".

Known for his stellar work on THE FLASH comic books, Booth is often seen on Twitter interacting with his fans and discussing, among other things, his passion for dinosaur's. Many professionals in their field often keep tabs on what's happening among their competition or creators they support. So it comes as a surprise for someone who has been around as long as Brett Booth to have abandoned the medium that he's well known for being a part of.

The topic of conversation was the newly released HEROES IN CRISIS, as it relates to one of Booth's favorite characters to draw and discuss. With all the controversy surrounding ComicsGate, we have to wonder if Booth isn't reading due to the lack of quality stories, or perhaps he's just burned out from his work.

Here is his tweet: