Dynamite's James Bond 007 Comic Imagines a More Gregarious Oddjob

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James Bond 007 1

So here's what we know going into JAMES BOND 007 #1 from Dynamite Comics. There's a Russian guy who has a thing, and he's talking to some Asian guys about the thing. We don't know what the thing is, and unless you go into Google Translate, you have no idea what they're talking about. (Note to comics writers: We don't mind the translation text boxes. Honest.) Fortunately, they all quickly transition to English, just in time for whatever deal they're working to get busted up by a an Asian martial artist with a familiar looking chapeau.

Yes, whatever the Russian is selling, the fan-favorite Bond franchise henchman, Oddjob, wants it. But Oddjob is no longer a strong, silent type, nor is he a mere henchman in this Greg Pak / Marc Laming vision of Ian Fleming's classic characters. He's roguish, charming, outgoing -- in many ways, he's the Korean foil to Bond in many ways and traits.

Oddjob encounters Bond at a casino table. (Bond is always at the tables. I wonder how much of MI-6's money he spends annually? Does MI-6 get to keep the winnings? Is Bond just as skilled at other wagering, because he could clean up at the horse races, or pick a winner or three at any of the top ten sports betting sites in Canada.) Bond handily beats Oddjob at cards, but it's almost a given that he wasn't there to win, but to stick close to Bond as they both kept an eye on their Russian target.

When the target goes on the move, both agents go into action -- toward the target, and against each other. The fight scene here is cinematic in its presentation, and the reader instantly realizes that these two are a match for each other.

And yes, in case you're wondering, the lethal bowler hat does make an appearance.

If you're a fan of the spy franchise, this first issue is a great jumping-on point, and stays true to all the major beats of any James Bond adventure. Put this one on your pull list and hold on for one hell of a ride!

4.5 / 5.0