Grimm Tales of Terror Delivers Brilliant Horror Twist with Issue 9

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Grimm Tales of Terror 9 V4

I've expressed previously my love for the old DC horror titles like GHOSTS and HOUSE OF SECRETS, or Charlton's MIDNIGHT TALES (featuring the Midnight Philospher and his hot little niece, Arachne), and how disappointing it is that such titles don't exist in the market these days.

I stand corrected. There is at least one title out there that captures the twist-ending, twisted-horror that these older books did so well, albeit with a touch more mature language. Zenescope's GRIMM TALES OF TERROR continues to bring the Twilight Zone-esque feel with stories that have endings you simply don't see coming.

"Don't Flash Your Lights" builds on an urban legend about gang initiations that involve random killings.

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The Esqueleto has been at their game for the past two nights, and they're ready for a third. But their third recruit is reluctant to be so callous. When that night's victims are identified -- a family setting out early for a road trip to an amusement park -- he balks, and the car goes past. Not willing to leave any witnesses, the gang leader whips his vehicle around and gives chase.

Ben Meares and Jason Muhr turn in a wonderful tale of unexpected endings. From the very beginning pages, Meares convinces the reader to invest in his characters, making them more than two-dimensional story props. Muhr's artwork is both realistic and grotesque, as the story dictates.

Naturally I'm not going to give away the ending. I tried to make the easy ghost-story deduction from the first few pages, having read more than my share of such fare. However, when the denouement came, even I was surprised at the destination Meares and Muhr had in mind for us.

Give GRIMM TALES OF TERROR #9 a go this New Comic Book Day. It's just what the doctor ordered for a season that's a little too bright and cheery when we're still wanting the scares of Halloween.

4.5 / 5.0