Yule Hate Yourself for Missing Tarot Witch of the Black Rose #113

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Tarot WoBR 113

My first exposure to the tradition of Krampus came through Brom's exquisite horror novel, KRAMPUS: THE YULE LORD. Since then, I've seen Krampus headline a film and appear in a few other media outlets.

The horned devil appears in this issue of TAROT, WITCH OF THE BLACK ROSE, doing that thing he does: kidnapping naughty children to be taken away and whipped with a switch. But he stands opposed by Tarot, who seeks him out each year in her attempts to stop him. Unfortunately, he is more powerful than most magical-based entities she battles. Her magic doesn't affect him, but his magic -- a very unusual magic for the task he has at hand -- certainly has an impact on Tarot. (Take the plot of Milo Manara's SWITCH and instill it into a magic bell, and you'll figure it out.)

When Broadsword's buxom belle of bewitchment recovers from Krampus's spell, she comes face to face with his partner, another mythical tradition from the Olde Worlde, which suddenly makes her own survival her primary goal.

Meanwhile, Tarot's sister is facing a decision of her own. It's the last night of the Dragon Prince's courting ritual, and he is pulling out all the stops to drag a yes out of the pale, nubile witch. Despite all her protestations leading up to this point, is it possible she might be swayed by -- actually being treated nicely by a gentleman who loves her? And once she makes her decision, is she prepared to deal with what has been left waiting for her at Black Rose Witch Manor?

With exquisite detail and the fan service the readers of this series have come to expect and enjoy, TAROT, WITCH OF THE BLACK ROSE #113 definitely doesn't disappoint.

(For Mature Readers Only)

4.0 / 5.0