Dynamite's Project: Superpowers Built on What Makes Superhero Comics Great

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Project Superpowers 5 2018

P:andora has arrived on Earth, and worldwide people ask two questions: Is the combined might of Project: Superpowers enough to stop him? And how the heck do you pronounce a name with a colon in it?

Rob Williams and Sergio Davila weave an action-packed and dynamically-presented superhero yarn that pulls out all the stops and includes all the things we love about the classic comic book story. Where else can you see an 80-story giant get swatted down by The Might Samson by using a skyscraper as a baseball bat? Where else can you find an American Flag with a life of its own that seeks to bind with a human host and become an entity powerful enough to stand against evil? 

The Flag is what this latest series is all about. It holds the secret to the location of P:andora's box, which also happens to be the source of all the superpowers on Earth. Which means since their powers all come, in a way, from P:andora, he has the power to mess with them -- take them away, or increase them to unusable levels. He'll stop at nothing to get the box back, which contains the bulk of the power that had been taken from him in the past. And his power levels are already off the chart, enough that he's been able to possess the Death-Defying Devil and turn him into a rampaging creature of mass destruction.

PROJECT: SUPERPOWERS is grand superheroic fiction at its finest, with an incredible cast of characters, superbly illustrated, and facing down the kind of impossible threat that can only exist in comic books. Where some of the iterations of this franchise have been hit-or-miss, this one has been spot on from page one! Highly recommended!

5.0 / 5.0