Not All Parody is Created Equal. Trump's Titans Volume One

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Trumps Titans

"You want superheroes? I'm a superhero. People tell me all the time, 'President Trump, you're better than a superhero because you're real.' I should have a comic book. It would be the best selling comic book of all time, believe me."

    -- not an actual @realDonaldTrump tweet

Since the advent of mass printing and cartooning, Presidents have found themselves lampooned through the form of the comic. In more recent decades, presidents have found themselves appearing in the comic books, either devoted to them as biographies, doing guest appearances in a famous supehero's title, or being the questionable hero of a parody, such as Solson Publications's REAGAN'S RAIDERS, which saw the Reagan administration turned into super-soldiers to take down South American drug cartels.

However, I'm hard pressed to think of any other U.S. President who has generated more parody comic about him than President Donald J. Trump. From titles like TREMENDOUS TRUMP, TRUMP's SPACE FORCE, THE UNQUOTABLE TRUMP, and MY HERO MAGADEMIA, just to name a few, there's a whole new subgenre of comics to read and collect.

Perhaps one of the more prolific, ongoing books is TRUMP'S TITANS from Keenspot. Each issue is it's own number one, with the titular heroes battling a new globalist enemy, led by a future version of George Soros.

The firrst four of these books are now collected in this trade paperback, TRUMP'S TITANS: SICK OF WINNING. It opens with an intentionally fawning 'origin' of Donald Trump, beginning with his birth, schooling, and career, right up to his winning the Presidency. But then we learn why he had to win it. Because his uncle was a scientist for the Reagan administration, and was responsible for making Reagan as powerful a president as he was. While there's no overt mention of it, it's pretty clear writer John Barron is referencing the REAGAN'S RAIDERS comic and making it canon to this series. Trump finds the secret basement where the formula is kept, guarded by former President Barack Obama who believes it to be too dangerous for any President.

They get past him. And by they, I mean President Trump, Vice President Pence, Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner. Utilizing the technology, they give themselves super powers: Bannon can vomit spew acid, Jared can talk to birds, and Pence can make trees explode. As for Trump, because he's the President and most important, he is given every superpower there is. Fortunately he has a very good brain (one of the best brains, people have said) to learn how and when to use these powers.


I knew I had seen that cover before!
REAGAN'S RAIDERS #1 (Solson Publications)

Armed with these powers, Trump's Titans do battle with evil Lord Soros, the beautiful and oddly familiar GTO Commander, and Hillary Clinton, as they pull out all the stops to ruin Trump's presidency, sending fidget spinner armies against him, supporting Mark Zuckerberg in a White House takeover bid, and traveling back in time to induce the Mandela Effect to change reality itself.

While the humor isn't exactly highbrow -- far from it -- it is, at least, consistent and even handed. Trump is glorified, but he's glorified by himself and by sycophants, which doesn't really cast him in the heroic light. Of coruse, he still has to win his battles against the forces of Soros -- because it's his book, after all. Regardless, everyone gets gored, none are spared, and the longer you read it, the more you get pulled into the insanity that is TRUMP'S TITANS.

Be warned, this book doesn't pull punches, and is not aimed at a youth market. It's not graphic by most standards, but it's for adults nonetheless. But it's for the best adults, I can tell you that.