Avellone's Crisis on Infinite Betties Continues at Dynamite

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Bettie Page Unbound 2

David Avallone and Julius Ohta are taking the iconic Bettie Page to places she has never been before -- alternate worlds, alternate dimensions, and ultimately alternate Betties, as she races against time to stop Yog-Sothoth and the Elder Gods from invading our dimension and bringing about the end of...well, pretty much everything.

Fortunately, there's a key to stopping this invasion. More precisely, there are five keys, spread across five different dimensions. Bettie has acquired two of them, having picked up the second key in the first issue of this miniseries, where she found herself embodying a she-devil with a sword. Now she finds herself on a new planet, in a form where she's even stronger and stranger--a fanged vampire woman who can sprout wings and kick ass!

Oh yeah, and she's kind of hungry. For blood.

Turns out Bettie is now a citizen of a dying race of vampires who are being hunted down by an enemy Bettie has faced long ago. But the Vampiron people have a secret weapon, and now Bettie has to talk them out of using it so she can claim the third key and continue on her quest to save the universe.

BETTIE PAGE UNBOUND #2 of course ends with Bettie crossing into yet another Dynamite property, pretty much guaranteeing that readers will come back to see how she handles this new incarnation and environment. While it's not a crossover, per se, there's a certain charm in seeing Bettie Page taking on the role of the many female hero properties licensed to Dynamite. It's definitely enough to bring this reader comign back for more as Avallone and Ohta deliver a unique Crisis on Infinite Betties story.

4.5 / 5.0