Roman Dirge's Lenore Returns with New Number 1 Issue

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Lenore 1 2019

When I read that this was the first LENORE issue in five years, my first thought was, "Gosh, I must have read a reprint, because I know it was only just a few months ago when I reviewed LENORE." So I looked up the review. And I looked at the date.

Tempus fugit. Which is Latin for "Life comes at you fast." The hip Roman kids used to carve #TEMPUSFUGIT on the columns of the coliseum.

So for the past five years, Lenore -- the cute little dead girl -- has been holed up in her home with her demon friend Pooty, trying not to get eaten by an insane pickle hat (not a typo) just waiting for them to open the door. Needless to say, she's very hungry now. But food will come in some of the most unexpected places.

But Lenore's choices may have some far-reaching consequences -- the kind of universe-changing consequences to involve the Timegoats, goats from the future who travel the time stream to make sure that crises remain finite, and that time continues the way it is supposed to. But something Lenore is about to do could send catastrophic waves throughout the entire space-time continuum.

Fortunately, a Timegoat appears to deliver the warning.'s Lenore. So things are going to go wrong in the most darkly hilarious way possible!

Roman Dirge's character has a universal appeal, provided you have a warped sense of humor and can laugh at things that go either absurdly or horrifically bad -- sometimes both. And if you can't laugh at those things, I'm sorry, you're just not a fun person (and everyone knows it and talks about you behind your back; it's why you don't get invited to happy hours).

The really cool thing about this issue is that you don't need to know a thing about what happened before, because, as always, Flashback Squirrel is there at the start to bring you up to speed. But honestly, it's even more fun if you just take the surprises as they come -- just like Lenore does.

Heartily recommended!


5.0 / 5.0