For Comics Fun, Monster M.D. May Be Just What the Doctor Ordered

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Monster MD preview

Dr. Wyatt Black has an unusual practice. Actually, the practice is quite normal -- he's a medical doctor. Doctor Black's patients, on the other hand, are far from normal. Many of them are beyond the pale (and, sometimes, beyond the veil). And they usually aren't the kind who can make an appointment to come into his office.

Fortunately, Dr. Black makes crypt calls.

MONSTER M.D. is from the slab of writer Von Klaus, and follows the darkly comic misadventures of a man who treats monsters and the ailments particular to their special situations. In the 21-page preview we accessed--basically the same as a full comic book issue--we learn everything we need to know to get right into the story. In the opening pages, We meet Wyatt in the middle of doing what he does--in this case taking bullets from a werewolf. We see--or rather don't see--his pluck assistant, Heidi Hyde. And we also learn Wyatt's had enough of this crazy life, at a point when his life is about to get a whole lot crazier.

The concept is unique and compelling, the preview story sets all the right hooks, and the artwork is consistently enjoyable. Comedy and horror are whipped together into a perfect froth of over-the-top comic book adventure in the vein of GHOSTBUSTERS (1984), FRIGHT NIGHT (1985), and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (1997), and the previews are obviously resonating with potential audiences. MONSTER M.D. is a crowdfunded title that has already raised nearly $60,000, exceeding its initial goal for the 100-page finished product. The writing from Von Klaus is clever, and the artwork from Marco Maccagni is fluid and eye-appealing.

If MONSTER M.D. looks like something you'd like to get your claws on -- and it certainly is for us -- then you should get to their Indigogo page while the campaign is still open.



4.5 / 5.0