How Can a Serial Killer Be in Two Places at One Time? We Review Night Hunter on Blu-ray

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Night Hunter

HENRY CAVILL (MAN OF STEEL) is Marshall, a law officer gone terminally cynical from the job, which makes relating with his daughter particularly difficult. Concerned about protecting his daughter from anything and anyone, he finds himself suddenly embroiled in a case of a serial killer who preys on young girls. He catches a break on the case when a former judge turned vigilante, Cooper (BEN KINGSLEY) loses his literal jailbait partner, Lara (ELIANA JONES), to the killer, thinking him merely another predator for them to take off the board. Fortunately for Lara, she wears a tracking device, leading both Cooper and Marshall to her and Simon (BRENDAN FLETCHER), a mentally handicapped man holding Lara and several other girls hostage and putting them through torture.

But while Simon is in custody and being profiled, his captors are targeted for murder and extorted into effecting his escape. Begging the question: Do they have the right man, or does he have an accomplice.

It's hard to get into much further detail of NIGHT HUNTER. For one thing, any more details spoils the MacGuffin of the story. For another, it's an extremely laborious plot that, while intriguing on many levels, tires the audience as they endure the tale. The standout performance comes from Fletcher, as he demonstrates his acting range by going through a number of personalities -- but don't fall for the old "the killer has MPD" red herring. The truth is more interesting -- and more obvious -- than that.

Not necessarily recommended as a purchase, NIGHT HUNTER is an all right rental.

3.5 / 5.0