Ghost Killers vs. Bloody Mary Bad Taste with Splattertastic Enthusiasm

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Ghost Killers vs Bloody Mary

GHOST KILLERS VS. BLOODY MARY is designed to appeal to the fans of cult, independent gross-out gore flicks. If you have a collection of Troma titles and early Peter Jackson works, then this is an edition that will fit nicely onto your shelf.

The basic plot of the story involves a YouTube ghost hunting group that is struggling for clicks as they overact and overemote while faking the ghosts they are seeking to destroy. When a high school student is hospitalized after a purported encounter with an urban legend spook, the principal calls the group in to do their thing and make the local parents feel better. He doesn't believe there really is a ghost, but he's heard of their YouTube channel and he thinks that putting on a good show will help people relax. And the Ghoul Hunters are more than happy to take the money to put on a show.

But here's the catch: The ghost is real. And the team, as well as the school staff, are in for a long night of possession, disembowelment, and getting the living crap scared out of them. (That last bit is not a metaphor, unfortunately. Get ready for some live-action Mr. Hanky.)

While the movie is clearly done on a shoestring budget, what they accomplish with that budget is astonishing. And let's be clear, this is a film that's about the effects more than it is about the dialogue and plot; although there's a nice highlight in the plot in that it self-recognizes the night is a bad horror movie, and there are references to the notion that, "If this were a bad horror movie, now would be about the time that this thing happens," right before that thing happens. But other than that the dialogue and scenes are overblown ridiculous -- which isn't a slam, because that's the way it's meant to be. It's a black comedy, a comedy with blood and guts -- an on-purpose B-movie.

So what you'll want to see that sets this apart from other gore films is how it pulls off the visuals of horror -- which it does stomach-churningly well. Scenes of cannibalism, blood vomiting, mirror projections, slices, dices, and head-explosions are done with splatter-tastic enthusiasm. So if you're up for a night of nightmare-inducing imagery, GHOST KILLERS VS. BLOODY MARY is a decent watch.

Caveat: If you don't speak Spanish and you don't care for "video books," be aware that this is a Spanish film with English subtitles. 

3.5 / 5.0