First DC, Now Asmodee. How Many More Hits Can Diamond Take?

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While the departure was announced on BoardGameGeeks back in March, the departure of game manufacturer Asmodee from Alliance Distribution has been one that has happened a bit silently.

Alliance Distribution is the games arm of Diamond Comics Distribution, which took a major hit when DC Comics pulled out of their distribution contract this spring, opting to shift their operations to Luna Distribution and UCS, which allowed them to get product to comics retailers well ahead of their competition, who were still hamstrung with Diamond's COVID-19 related shutdown of operations.

As of June 30, Asmodee will no longer contract with Alliance, choosing instead to deliver directly to the retailers. Representing a significant -- if not the largest -- chunk of Alliance's game distribution, it is unclear what impact this will have on Alliance's -- and Diamond's -- financial future.

Happening concurrently with Asmodee's departure, company founder Steve Geppi issued a letter to comics shop retailers announcing he would be resuming his position as President of Geppi Family Industries, the corporate umbrella over Diamond and Alliance.

Today I am announcing an organizational change that will help us lean even further into the many opportunities to elevate our industry, our business and our brands in this fast-moving and evolving marketplace:

Effective immediately, I am reassuming the role of President, Geppi Family Enterprises (GFE), in addition to my position as Chairman & CEO. Stan Heidmann will be departing the organization. I thank him for his contributions and wish him all the best in his future endeavors. 

As you know, I have a strong history of growing and leading this organization for several decades and I am energized about our next phase. I am supported by an exceptionally talented executive leadership team with deep expertise and an unwavering commitment to our industry as well as by the incredible teams they have built. I am proud and privileged to work with such amazing people.

Under my guidance, the executive leadership team will support a comprehensive strategic review to position the enterprise for future growth. I feel a tremendous responsibility to our employees and the industry, and I fully intend to set all Geppi Family Enterprise brands on a path for robust growth. I am confident we have the right leadership with talented teams in place and I see enormous opportunities for GFE.

You will be hearing more from me in the coming weeks as I am committed to keeping you all informed and involved. Be well, and I hope you find some time this holiday weekend to relax and recharge. Thank you for your continued support. I appreciate all you do.

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