Latest Dave Sim Project Blends Humor, Photorealism to Address Social Issues

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You Don't Know Jack Dave Sim

Dave Sim, the man behind the legendary run of CEREBUS, has a new project wrapping up on Kickstarter, with artist Carson Grubaugh. YOU DON'T KNOW JACK! TWO-FISTED COMIC STORE MANAGER is a by-product of the collaboration of Sim and Grubaugh on his other work-in-progress, THE STRANGE DEATH OF ALEX RAYMOND. During the latter project, Grubaugh, an art professor, drew on one of his students as a model for the piece -- Jack VanDyke, a comic store manager.

The model and the writer couldn't be more diametrically opposed when it comes to ideals and philosophies. And yet, mirabile dictu, they managed to not only work together but get along and turn their opposing outlooks into this collection of satirical vignettes -- basically arguments between Sim and VanDyke, drawn by Grubaugh. All three are characters in the book, with Sim represented as a starfield while Grubaugh speaks from off-page as his hand is still drawing the images in the panels.

Critical Blast was offered the chance to chat with Grubaugh via video to get into the nitty gritty of this collaboration as well as get some juicy details about the upcoming ALEX RAYMOND story. Click the video below for the entire conversation.