Gravity Gaming Lounge Looted and Pillaged During Violent Raping of Kenosha Businesses

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Gravity Gaming Lounge

It was a long, loud, and violent night for the residents of Kenosha. The citizens of the Wisconsin city on the shores of Lake Michigan, following the news and footage of the police shooting of 29-year-old Jacob Blake, may have thought they were prepsred for the protests that would come. After all, they had seen what had happened after the George Floyd incident in Minnesota, and in Ferguson after the Michael Brown shooting.

Riots were the expectation.

But sometimes reality overwhelms expectations. Such was the case for Victor Estill, founder of the Gravity Gaming Lounge, which posted the following on their Facebook page in the wake of the devastation.

The gaming location had managed to survive closures related to COVID-19, only to confront a danger worse than a virus: an angry mob. With estimated damages exceeding $50,000, the financial impact to the owners is devastating, and the loss trickles down to the community.

The Facebook announcement would seem to indicate that the closure is a permanent one. But Gravity Gaming may have a white knight in their corner: Jeremy Hambly, who runs the popular pop-culture YouTube channel, The Quartering, Hambly, who lives within driving distance, has elected to rally the worldwide gaming community with a call to raise the funds needed to rebuild the Gravity Gaming Lounge, setting up a GoFundMe page to collect donations. With a $40,000, the fund had already, at the time of this writing, raised nearly $17,000.


But that's just money. The addtional damage has to take into account the morale of the owners and workers. Seeing your place of business become a casualty of terrorism can have tremendous psychological impact. The frustration and exhaustion of trying to rebuild could posibly be more than anyone wishes to put into it. For that, monetary donations will not be enough. That will require the emotional support and encouragement of the community at large.

I have enough faith in humanity to believe that is still posible.