Dynamite's Zombie Apocalypse Overflows with Action in Thrilling Third Issue

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Die!Namite 3

An octogenarian Miss Fury? A fanboy Peter Cannon? A scalped Vampirella? A smart-ass possessed smiley button? All banded together with others to fight an insurmountable zombie apocalypse of galactic proportions that has already claimed Project: Superpowers?

Gawt dam, son! What more could you ask for in comic book entertainment?

Fred Van Lente, Vincenzo Carratu, and Pasquale Qualano continue their relentless zombification of the Dynamite licensed "universe" in DIE!NAMITE #3. Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt, has left the monastery of his training to enlist the help of the Project: Superpowers team in combating the zombie plague that threatens the planet. Only he arrives one minute and a Slurpee too late, to find that the team has become infected at the site of a retirement home -- which coincidentally houses a certain gentleman of Virginia and sometimes warlord of Mars, John Carter, as well as an elderly Miss Fury who hasn't lost any of her spunk. The young crimefighter joins forces with the old one to keep the brain-hungry supers at bay, while an already infected John Carter pines for his home on Mars.

And well he should. Mars is where all the action is -- and may, in fact, be the infection point for the plague that has spread through the galaxy. Red Sonja is the first to arrive, with the demented Smiley button in tow. They emerge from the waters after Sonja dove into a magic portal to escape zombies that had her cornered atop a ziggurat, only to be forced into battle with the great white apes of Mars! Joining her almost immediately is Vampirella, having barely survived entry into Mars' atmosphere by using the ship's teleporter -- but not soon enough to avoid having her hair singed off as the ship burst into flames around her. They barely get introduced before Mars' own queen, Dejah Thoris, confronts them to determine if they are living or undead.

It turns out that Dejah has the key to the zero-point of this infection -- a place on Mars where their old go to die alone. Only something has changed in the Valley Dor that has begun sending them back -- with bite.

The action is rapid fire, the odds are insurmountable -- and getting more so with every turn of the page. Because Mars now has two undead threats for our trio of heroines (and their angry little mascot) to face down, while on Earth, Peter Cannon must plead with the only surviving member of Project: Superpowers, the Green Llama, to retreat to where they can get some answers on how to beat the undead horde.

DIE!NAMITE #3 is guaranteed to leave you breathless, as these characters come together in a way unlike they ever have before.

5.0 / 5.0