Sonya Devereaux Foursome Delivers Fun and Satisfaction

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Starring Sonya Devereaux TPB

She's the 306th best actress in America, blessed to work with some of the top talents in the country on films that... well, don't exactly get screened for members of The Academy. She's Sonya Devereaux, and through a crowdfunded effort on Indiegogo, fans -- and those about to become fans -- can see her in all her glory (tastefully, of course, and only when it serves the plot) in this marvelous collection of distinguished classics, collected for the first time anywhere in trade paperback.

From directors Todd Livingston and Nick Capetanakis, from a grant made possible by American Mythology, come four of Sonya's most beloved films.

In Naked are the Damned 2, Sonya plays a simple farm girl who turns to modeling to raise the money to save the family farm from being foreclosed on by a greedy CEO. But the CEO is Satan, and he has a plan that possesses those who cross him, turning them into willing zombies. Can he be stopped by a girl whose only combat experience is pillowfighting with her co-workers?

Up next, it's Vampire Academy 4, Sonya goes back to school as Elsbeth, a teenaged vampire in a school for vampires. But the school is being sought out by a famous vampire hunter, intent on making sure every one of the nubile students goes down. With Elsbeth and her friends trying to pass their seduce-and-kill exams, will this hunter make graduating an impossiblity? And will Elsbeth even get a passing grade if she falls in love with her intended human victim?

Debutante Desperado finds Sonya playing a college student heading out for spring break with her friends -- in 1871! When their stagecoach makes a rest stop, the stage is set upon by the henchman of an evil businessman who charges tolls for everything, especially the use of the trail through his territory. With her friends taken hostage, Sonya must learn how to whip the wild west into shape, enlisting aid from a local brothel to take down the baron and his corrupt sheriff. Fortunately, this would-be school marm has some special assets that come in handy.

Wrapping up this set is SpiderShark vs. SnakeBear, a thrilling sci-fi drama with Sonya leading a team into the jungle to rescue a captured archeologist from the clutches of a Russian counterpart. But Sonya's team must first contend with a monster that hunts in the water -- and out of it: the dreaded SpiderShark. And when the incredibly powerful SnakeBear is drawn into the action, things get messy in a big hurry. Americans and Russians will have to come together if they want to survive.

This unique compilation also stars Meredith Salenger, Scott Whyte, Eric Spudic, Damion Poitier, Magda Apanowicz, Caroline Pierce, and Macabre Theatre's Ivonna Cadaver! With steady camerawork from Brendon and Brian Fraim, this four-volume collection Starring Sonya Devereaux is just the thing for any schock-film fan!

Included in this package, you will also get never before seen outtakes, bloopers, an interview with Sonya, and a behind-the-scenes featurette -- just like on those classier more expensive home theater releases!

This collection of STARRING SONYA DEVEREAUX is currently still available through Indiegogo's in-demand page. Get yours today! Operators are standing by. And as a special bonus, you can add on an early release of Sonya's next project, Violet Vixen, a superhero action film with a cover starring Sonya's incredible body double, Cara Nicole, whose so good at her job she even fools Facebook into believing she's the real Sonya. (Don't take our word for it -- check out our video interview with Cara Nicole and hear it for yourselves!)

5.0 / 5.0