Keenspot Continues Political Parodyverse with Biden's Titans

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Biden's Titans

Every political administration has seen itself lampooned and parodied in comics format, whether in newspaper strips or comic books. Most of these have been relegated to a one-shot, either because of a lack of material or a lack of imagination.

Neither of these are presenting a roadblock to Keenspot, publisher of the former Trump's Titans , The Donald Who Laughs, and The Superior AOC. A change in the administration in the real world gets reflected just as quickly in this parodyverse of John Barron's devising.

Donald Trump has lost the election, and while he has not gone quietly into that good night, Joe Biden has taken the seat behind the Resolute Desk, and enjoying all the advantages that come with it (like the technology allowing him to haunt Trump's dreams). But what Joe really wants is to form his own team of super-powered Titans, just like Trump had -- and which have largely been forgotten by the population due to several mind wipes (and a hat tip to the plot of Wonder Woman 1984). His friend and confidante, Barack Obama, tries to talk him out of making the same mistake, but when an evil Russian virus creates a technological assault on the President -- and putting his two dogs near death! -- he has no choice but to fire up the chambers for super powers to save their lives, creating metahumans and... uh... metacanines out of himself, Champ, and Major -- as well as VP Kamala Harris and Secretary Pete Buttigieg, because they were hanging around at the right time.

Barron takes pokes at both sides in this inaugural issue, with plenty of Biden gaffes and Q conspiracies used as background jokes. Shawn Remulac renders each character with recognizability without trying to make them photorealistic, making for a smooth and easy-to-read superhero political satire.

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3.5 / 5.0