Look Out, Ireland! Here Come The Wraskles!

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Wraskles 2 Song of the Banshee

Tony. Alana. Max. Rosie. Four punk rock rabbits looking for their big break in the music industry. But a chance encounter has cursed our band of bunnies to forever encounter the supernatural until they discover the song that will break their curse.

In this second issue of The Wraskles, the band travels to Ireland for the Balor Music Festival. Max can't wait to try all the food, while Rosie and Alana can't wait to take in the culture and the shopping. But for Tony, the whole trip is about one thing: Tony. Determined to finally get the opportunity to show people the star talent he is certain he possesses, he is crushed when they arrive to find the festival cancelled.

When one of the locals clues them in to the reason for the town being boarded up, The Wraskles realize their curse has struck them again. There's a banshee on the loose, and she's been turning people to statues It's going to take all of them -- Max and his soul-possessing sage spirit, Alana and her purse of infinite holding, Rosie and her psychic sight, and Tony... with an ability yet to be revealed... to find this banshee and set things right.

But what is the right thing to do when they find out there's an innocent girl at the heart of this preternatural possession? One of The Wraskles is going to have to dig deep to save the rest, so that the town of Balor can have peace restored and that the show may go on.

Gregory Schoen and Curt Spurging team up to deliver a brilliant and entertaining series of anthropomorphic fun and adventure. Each of the characters has a unique personality that sets them apart from the rest, and yet the creators have imbued them with a synergy that lets them work together successfully, if not seamlessly.

The Wraskles #2, "Song of the Banshee" is currently in demand on Indiegogo. We recommend giving this one a look -- and the current campaign also includes an opportunity to pick up the first issue so you can get in on the origin of this distinctive new breed of comic book storytelling.

4.5 / 5.0