10th Anniversary of Super 8 Gets Blu-ray Release

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Super 8 holds the distinction of being one of the best 80s films not actually made in the 80s. Pre-dating Stranger Things, Super 8 is a wonderful sort of mash-up of Stand By Me, It, Cloverfield, and E.T.

A launch vehicle for the career of Joel Courtney, who plays Joe Lamb, the son of Deputy Sheriff Lamb (Kyle Chandler), Super 8 also starred A.J. Michalka (of the Birds of Prey series and the AJ half of pop duo Aly & AJ), and (already a veteran actor) Elle Fanning as Alice Dainard, the daughter of town drunk Louis Dainard (Ron Eldard). There's bad blood between Deputy Lamb and Louis Dainard that they push onto their children, setting up a sort of Romeo & Juliet dynamic between the two coming-of-age teens.

The story gets rolling when the kids go to a location to film a scene for their zombie movie, and they've asked Alice to play a role in it. While filming, a passing train is spectacularly derailed, intentionally, by their science teacher, resulting in the release of something monstrous.

Now the military is locking down the town, and people are disappearing as whatever has been released is on the hunt. But is it out to feast on human flesh, or is there something else it seeks as it tears the small town apart? Only Joe and the rest of the gang know what's truly happening, and they have to work past their parents and government forces to find their missing friends, discover what the true threat is, and put an end to the terror, leading up to an ending that's quintessentially 80s kids-and-aliens. If you haven't seen Super 8 already, this is your opportunity to get it in high-definition clarity and sound.

4.5 / 5.0