Pixie No Fairy Tale

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Pixie DVD

Pixie Hardy (Olivia Cooke, Ready Player One) is the daughter of a mob boss (Colm Meaney) who, with peace having existed between his rivals, spends his later years learning how to be the perfect homemaker and single father.. But Pixie wants more than "this provincial life," and concocts a plan to steal a large quantity of drug money from another mob, one led by Father McGrath (Alec Baldwin) and the gun-toting priests and nuns in his employ.

On that premise alone, Pixie seems to have all the ingredients for an irreverent, over-the-top heist film. And to be sure, the picture has its moments, as Pixie manipulates boys to do her work for her using only the promise of feminine wiles without having to sacrifice anything. When the heist goes wrong and her two proxies are killed, she makes the accidental acquantance of a pair of lads in town, both of whom have fancied her from afar, and lures them into the adventure of a lifetime, full of hitmen and bloody violence, where the luck of the Irish always seems to favor Pixie at the most unlikely of moments.

Unfortunately, Pixie isn't the most exciting of films, despite the Irish mafia war backdrop. It left me unimpressed and unenthused, and with too many moments -- including the film's final scene -- where credulity was simply stretched to the breaking point. Nobody in this film gets what they want, except Pixie, and I suppose that's meant to be some sort of female empowerment anthem, but in the end I was left simply bored and looking for something a bit more Goodfellas.

3.0 / 5.0