Cosplay Tips for Beginners

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Cosplay Tips

Cosplay is an exciting hobby that will give you the chance to meet new people and have lots of fun! Cosplaying can also teach you how to express yourself and give you a boost in self-confidence. The world of cosplay can seem daunting, but there is lots of advice for newbies.

Here are the best cosplay tips for beginners:

Choose your outfit carefully

One of the best things about cosplay is that you get to dress up as your favorite character and bring them to life for the day. You can choose a character from a movie, video game, tv show, comic, or anime. Try to choose a costume that will complement your looks - there are cosplay characters to suit every build and body shape!

You can find inspiration for a cosplay costume by searching on There is also a huge variety of tutorials on YouTube and Google. If you are new to cosplay, look for costumes suited to beginners and require less effort to make.

Watch cosplay makeup tutorials

Makeup and body paint can transform your look and give your cosplay outfit the wow factor. You can find makeup inspiration by watching tutorials online and then practice your application techniques before the cosplay event. Buy quality hair and makeup supplies that are long-lasting and waterproof. You should always use a setting spray to improve the longevity of your makeup and body paint. 

Ask people for cosplay tips

One of the best ways to improve your cosplay is by asking other cosplayers for tips. When you attend events, don’t be afraid to ask experienced cosplayers for advice. If you see someone in an amazing costume, then compliment them and ask them how they made it. Most cosplayers are more than happy to share their tips and tricks with beginners.

Pick lightweight materials

Wearing a heavy, bulky costume for several hours will be uncomfortable, especially during the summer months. If your costume is made from heavy materials, then you will hate wearing it, and this will ruin your experience. Make your cosplay experience as enjoyable as possible by making your custom and props from lightweight materials such as foam or plastics.

Prepare for issues

Several issues can occur during a cosplay event, e.g., your costume could get ripped, or your makeup could start to run. You can prepare to deal with these common cosplay issues by planning in advance. For instance, always pack a sewing kit and makeup so that you can touch up during the day.

Don’t be intimidated

Don’t feel intimidated by experienced cosplayers in incredible costumes. Everyone has to start somewhere, and it takes time to learn how to make amazing costumes and props. Cosplay events are exciting and inclusive, so don’t feel shy or intimidated. Make an effort to chat with people, make connections, and have lots of fun!

Final thoughts

The world of cosplay can be intimidating for beginners, but it’s a fun and creative hobby that many people enjoy. Follow these steps to look great, avoid cosplay mistakes, and enjoy your first cosplaying experience.

(image: San Diego Comic Con, 2019)