DC's Legends of Tomorrow Embrace Sitcom Status with Season Six

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Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Blu-ray

The sixth season of CW's time-travel farce DC's Legends of Tomorrow finds the storyline leaning more and more heavily into super-sitcom. The show has veered far off course from the premise of a team of expendable superheroes out to save the timeline to being a team of layabouts, some of whom have a superpower when they remember it, and John Constantine, who of all people fits into the team like a round peg into a square hole -- if the round peg were the diameter of Jupiter and the square hole was the opening to a breadbox. But hey, it gives us more Matt Ryan as the character, so there's that.

The season picks up with team leader Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) being abducted by aliens at a rock concert where she was planning on popping the question to her girlfriend, Ava Sharpe (Jes Macallan). In effecting her own escape, Sara ends up releasing mulitple aliens across the timeline and discovers that her obsequious teammate, Gary Green, happens to be a human-eating alien being who's been trying to break the habit like Bruce the shark in Finding Nemo.

But Sara's not free to join the team yet. She's captured by Bishop (Raffi Barsoumian), who wants to create the perfect human/alien hybrids out of himself and Sara so they can repopulate the universe -- after he eliminates everyone else in it.

Meanwhile, John sacrifices his magic to save Astra Logue (Olivia Swann) and the rest of the team from Alistair Crowley, who has escaped the painting where John imprisoned him. John spends the rest of the season looking for a mythical fountain where he will be able to get his magic back -- which means that John's powers come from something inside him other than years of studying the mystic arts, so now he has a "super power" instead of arcane knowledge. Not my favorite moment.

A bowling match for the fate of the Earth, a Disney princess cartoon episode, yet another sitcom stage episode, and Mick Rory (Dominic Purcell) getting pregnant with alien bugs all contribute to the zaniness of this series that remains loosely connected to the Arrowverse cadre of shows. At this point, they can cut it loose entirely because any resemblance any character had to their comic book counterpart has been chewed up and spit out by the show runners.

3.0 / 5.0