Three of the Best Anime Video Games of All Time

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Three Best Anime Video Games All Time

Anyone who enjoys anime knows the industry is nothing short of massive. Widely available statistics show that the anime industry was valued at more than $23.5 billion in 2020, which increased to almost $25.5 billion in 2021. Experts predict the global anime market will tip the scales at over $48 billion by 2030—no wonder the video game world wants a slice of the anime action.

Video game adaptions of anime are nothing new; gamers have enjoyed anime to video game adaptions for the best part of two decades. Some anime games were blockbusters in their own right and had people using their sportsbook bonus to bet on them winning several end-of-year awards. Others are a little more specialist and probably only enjoyable if you are a hardcore anime and manga fan. The following three games are a trio of anime adaptions you simply must play.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

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Anime video games do not come much better than the iconic Dragon Ball FighterZ. Developed by Arc System Works and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, Dragon Ball FighterZ launched in late January 2018 on Windows, PS4, and Xbox One. Nintendo Switch players got in on the action nine months later.

Dragon Ball FighterZ launched to rave reviews from fans and critics alike, leading to the game being voted one of the best fighting games released on the eighth generation of video game consoles. Reviewers praised the game’s fighting system, story mode, vast character roster, and visuals. However, the game came in for some criticism regarding its online functionality.

Fans of the show will, without a shadow of a doubt, love the Dragon Ball FighterZ game adaption. Players select three characters from the vast Dragon Ball franchise’s roster but only control one of them at any one time. However, it is possible to switch between all three characters and combine their moves by performing devastating assist moves.

The game has shipped more than eight million copies to date; the various DLC helping sustain this epic game’s longevity.

Astro Boy: Omega Factor

Anything that the Godfather of Manga, Osamu Tezuka, touches tends to turn to gold, which is why Astro Boy: Omega Factor features in this list. When Tezuka rebooted the anime series in 2003, two Astro Boy game titles launched: one for the PlayStation 2 and another for the Game Boy Advance. The latter is by far the superior of the pair.

Fans of the Astro Boy franchise flocked in droves to get their hands on the game. The story includes characters from Tezuka’s entire portfolio of work and is seen as a love letter to his fans. Astro Boy: Omega Factor combined beat ‘em up action with a shoot ‘em up element, which is not too dissimilar to Radiant Silvergun and Ikaruga.

The game looks a little dated compared to today’s titles, but it is almost 20-years-old. That said, Astor Boy: Omega Factor is still one of the most playable anime video games on the market today.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 is the latest installment of the ever-popular franchise by the same name, launching in Windows, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in March 2020. The story modifies the unfinished Wano arc – the manga Waco arc is still continuing – and sees the player choose from a massive roster of 52 characters.

You need to prepare for a lot of action with whichever character you choose because literally thousands of enemies adorn the screen as you fight your way through to the grand finale. The One Piece series features more than 900 episodes and around 1,000 chapters. The game is no substitute for absorbing all that, but this game allows you to relive many of the fantastic moments from the series.