How to Use Mic and Headphones with One Jack PC

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Two Plugs One Jack

It certainly is a difficult task to use two devices that require an audio jack and only one jack is present on your PC. Around two decades ago when PCs and laptops were starting to become a norm in the world, systems back then came with two ports. One for the headphone jack and one for the microphone jack.

In today’s day there is usually a single port given for users where they need to use their headphones along with their microphone. Hence, the question becomes, how can a user use both devices using a single port. There are two major ways you can make use of both jacks: with and without a splitter.

Apart from these two sections, we shall also be discussing as to why users make use of single jack headsets when used without the splitter. Don’t skip anything in between or you might miss out on the few good tips we have to give to you.

Without Splitter

The first method is without the splitter. Here the important part is to know the 3.5mm jack of your device which comes at the end of your headset wire. While using headphones if you are facing any kind of issue related to audio drivers then you can download them from this website for free. Every type of audio drivers are available there.

The device jack might contain three rings around it as you can see with your naked eyes. Each ring signifies for right audio, left audio, or the speaker. Older headphones contain a single ring which signifies the headphones to be single sounding. If you manage to see two rings, then the headset contains stereo audio without the input.

If there are three rings, then the headset has input as well as stereo. Headsets that contain two earphone jacks need distinguishing between the input and output cord. They contain two separate rings. Do make sure you plug the cables into the correct jack when you have multiple jacks but that isn’t our topic of concern. If you are a designer, then you can also learn How to Use AutoCAD.

When we have a single input that we use, that allows us to speak through our microphone whereas the other stereo audio helps you to listen to the sound from your system.

With Splitter

This option is a highly convenient one because splitters end up making your life so easy in this regard. Splitters are a lifesaving invention. It is because they can help as the input device along with being used as a microphone in your device that has a single jack.

The splitter has two ports: one for the microphone and one to receive the audio through the headphones. These two are plugged into their respective ports and the input from the splitter goes directly into your device. This is how you can connect your headphones and microphone using a splitter when the PC only has a single jack.

Opting For Single Jack Headsets

People opt for single jack headsets for two major reasons and these reasons are mentioned below:


Having a single connection of listening as well as speaking is a great way to keep your workspace organized. It also manages to save you space so you can put your headphones right on your desk. Whereas a microphone and headset occupy more space than usual.


There is also flexibility for other devices such as smartphones and tablets or other computing devices that make use of the 3.5mm jack. By using a single linkage, these devices allow receiving and sending of audio signals. This makes single jack headsets compatible with a number of different devices.

Be it your phone, game console controller, or even tablet, all devices are compatible apart from a few exceptions.

Whereas if you would like to record anything by means of a software then as single headset jack should be your go-to device since it offers fantastic connection as a microphone as well as a headphone.

Hassle Free

When you have a headphones and microphone in a single device that also saves you from hassle and manages to save a lot of time of yours. This is because since both features are built into a single device, it is very convenient for the user to make use of such a device.


Many people might not realize this but using a device that has a microphone and headset build into is a cheaper option in the money department. This is because buying the two things separately will cost more than just spending money on a single device. That is what is going to help you save money in this matter.

Sounds pretty neat, right?

Better Quality

The final reason why so many users opt to have a headset plus microphone combo device is because it is of better quality. Since both devices are built in, this will allow both the things to be of superior quality. If a separate microphone and headset is used then that might not be of good quality which is going to downgrade your user experience.


Headsets of today are usually made for PCs that do not have more than one port which is why you need to improvise accordingly. Now that we’ve mentioned the ways above as to how you can use your headphones and microphone with a single port, you shouldn’t have a problem putting this idea to work.

To overview the entire thing, first you will need to decide whether you’re going to be putting the splitter method or the non-splitter method. So according to that you shall be purchasing your devices. If you’re opting for the splitter method, then obviously you will need to buy a splitter.

The above-mentioned ways are the only two ways you can carry out this method and we assure you that any other methods on the internet are fake and cannot be put to use. Please do not fall into the scams of people on the internet.