DC's Super Hero Girls Makes its Debut

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Several months ago we covered the launch of the website for the girl-focused: DC Super Hero Girls. Now, USA Today has provided us with a 'First Look' at what to expect. It appears as though Amanda Waller will be the school's headmaster as she introduces viewers to the goals of the school. During the introduction, we see some of our favorite boy heroes flying and running about as well.

Despite the title, this show could appeal to all children.

Here's the introductory clip, now available on dcsuperherogirls.com:

With a catchy theme song, a silly Harley Quinn and lots of powers on display...this initiative seems to have all the right beats to be successful. Toss in the combined marketing power of WB and Mattel, this is sure to be a big hit with the target demographic of girls ages 6-12 and I can honestly envision a living room where dads are watching with their daughters. This will be an overlooked aspect about the importance of this initiative.

The relationship between a father and his daughter(s) is extremely important for personal growth and development. Father's who are actively involved in their children's interests, supports strong family bonds. As girls get older there can be a disconnect. Now there is something that a father can not only share with his young daughter(s), but as she grows older they can continue their love for the characters in comic books. Sure, some dads will raise their daughters on sports, star wars or any other number of favorite things. But now, with the rising popularity of comic book characters in media, there is one more thing we can connect on. Dads who grew up reading comic books can now enjoy these characters all over again (or continue to) with their little girls.

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Along with the animation, DC Super Hero Girls will be available in toy aisles as well. Featuring the main characters of the show, they look to be a hybrid action-figure/doll; containing features that are common of both. This is probably the most important marketing aspect of DC Super Hero Girls, piggybacking off the success of EVER AFTER HIGH and MONSTER HIGH. Both franchise have booming toy lines. With Christmas 2 months away, this will have plenty of time to build up buzz. There are plans to put it on display at the New York Comic-Con, beginning October 8th.

Providing comic book based content for young girls has been long overdue. The character designs are fun, the cast is diverse and exciting, and the animation is bright and colorful. It really looks like DC, as many of the characters are represented. Not just the girls. Even Red Tornado makes a cameo! That being said, the focus is on the ladies so I can't wait to introduce this series to the young girls in my life.

For more information and complete coverage, head over to USA Today. Tell us what you think of DC's Super Hero Girls in the comments below!