Latino Review Gives the Middle Finger to Zack Snyder

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Zack Snyder has been adamant that he's not okay with people spoiling his movie. Latino Review is known for digging up spoilers and sometimes throwing theories at the wall to see what sticks. It makes for a toxic combination.

In it's latest attempt to spoil a movie, Latino Review is reporting they know who the 'other' villain in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be.

We already know that Lex Luthor, an infamous Superman arch-nemesis, is being played by the talented Jesse Eisenberg. But Lex doesn't often travel alone. As a mere mortal blessed with diabolical genius, he tends to seek powers beyond him to deal with problems above his pay grade.

Another villain has also been revealed in a recent trailer, as Lex declares, "If man won't kill god, the devil will do it!" the monstrous beast appears. While lacking the bone spikes he's known for in the comics, the creature in the trailer has been confirmed as Doomsday.

And now, Latino Review is claiming they know the additional threat that will bring the Justice League together. I will not deliver their wild speculation in this space. As a fan of the genre and out of respect to Zack Snyder (and crew) and all the hard work that was put into the film, I cannot with a good conscious repeat what I've read.

IF what they're reporting is true, it would confirm one of my early personal theories. However, with the reveal of Doomsday I doubt (spoiler) would be a big enough threat that it would bring together the Justice League. Quite frankly, if Doomsday doesn't do it, there's only one other baddie that could.

And then there's the interview at the Daily Beast that has Snyder talking about how the Justice League movie will explore the mythology of Doomsday. So if that's the case, how would this 'spoiled' villain come into play?

So if you're curious what they're reporting, feel free to take a look. If you prefer to respect Zack Snyder's vision for the film and enjoy the ups and downs without having it spoiled, stay away.

Either way, the fact that Latino Review is attempting to spoil the movie, on the heels of Snyder saying he doesn't like it, is a clear 'F-You' to the man who delivered the best live action Superman film in over 25 years. The man who is making history by presenting the 'Trinity', together on the big screen, for the first time.