5 Reasons Why an R-Rated, Batman v Superman Blu-Ray, Will Be Awesome

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When it was announced that a 'director's cut', R-rated version of BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE would be released on blu-ray, it sparked a firestorm of complaints. I'm here to give you 5 reasons why it's not nearly as awful as you think.


1. Animation is for Kids
Cartoon Network announced Justice League: Action (JL:A) which will be animated shorts featuring some of DC's most popular heroes. It may be too wacky and ridiculous for us adults to sit through, but we aren't the target audience either. Just like an R-rated Director's Cut isn't targeting the pre-school deomgraphic. DC created a multiverse so there's enough flavors for everyone. They've partenered with LEGO to create fun, family friendly movies featuring Justice Leaguers. There are plenty of options available and there are certainly more to come. DC won't abandon the notion that they need to create an audience for the future, they just plan to target certain projects for different demographics.

2. True to the Source Material
There have been Superman comic books over the years with scenes of violence that if brought to the screen could be rated 'R'. They are anomolies, sure, but they exist. Batman, however, is as dark as they come. He is the Dark Knight after all. Some of his most popular stories involve brutality, given his arch-nemesis is the sick and twisted Joker. So if you want to stay true to the source material, it only makes sense that a director's cut would produce a little more violence.

3. Wonder Woman's Sword
If it says 'Director's Cut' there's a good chance we'll see people actually get cut. Let's face it, she's brandishing a sword in the trailer and odds are it's not an accessory. In reference to the previous passage, Wonder Woman's comic books are historically brutal in nature. She's beaten, maimed and killed plenty of people over the years even snapping Maxwell Lord's neck in front of a live audience. She's an Amazon warrior and in a battle, she will kill without hesitation.

4. This isn't about Superman
When will we let go of the Donner era? The notion that those movies are family friendly and are all-ages just needs to go away. Sure they were 'PG' but Superman murdered Zod and his crew with a smile on his face. He had pre-marital sex with Lois Lane, hours after she risked committing suicide to prove that her fellow reporter was really Superman. Sure, the language wasn't coarse and there were silly moments, but lets not pretend those movies didn't contain adult themes. They were just sugar coated by Christopher Reeve's award winning smile and goofy portrayal of mild mannered reporter, Clark Kent. The truth of it is if there are going to be any scenes of intense violence and coarse language in BvS:DoJ, expect it to come from Batman or Wonder Woman. Not the 'Big Blue Boy Scout'.

5. A Death in the Family
We've seen Jason Todd's robin costume in the Batcave during the trailers. We've seen hints of the Joker's presence via news clippings. We know this is a Batman who is weary and has seen the worst. We also know that the same guy who directed a non-linear story in MAN OF STEEL is directing Batman v Superman. So we can come to the conclusion that a director's cut will most likely contain Jason Todd's brutal murder at the hands of the Joker. That alone could give it an 'R' rating.

If there is a Director's Cut that will make Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice an R-rated film, be grateful that we're getting a PG-13 version in theaters so more people can see it. The DCCU isn't for young children, but thankfully a multiverse exists to offer younger audiences a way to discover these characters without being traumatized.

Let me know where you stand on the issue in the comments below.