Supergirl Lands on The CW, Where DC Shows are Stronger Together

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It was announced yesterday that Supergirl would no longer be carried on CBS, despite ratings that stayed strong throughout its freshman season.

With budget concerns looming over the licensing fees for the use of Supergirl, sending the show to The CW makes the most sense. Not only because it's owned in partnership with Warner Bros, but it will align almost all DC properties on one network (GOTHAM remains on Fox).

SUPERGIRL will now join a lineup that consists of iZombie, ARROW, THE FLASH and LEGENDS OF TOMORROW. Earlier this year, THE FLASH crossed over with SUPERGIRL, which many viewers hailed as the best episode of the season. There was a lot of red tape to cut through because they were on separate networks. Some speculated as to whether or not it would ever happen. A move to The CW changes the narrative from if it'll happen again, to when.

Along with the move, the cast and crew of SUPERGIRL will pack up and move from Los Angeles to Vancouver to reduce the cost of production. This will make future crossover's more manageable as ARROW and THE FLASH are both filmed in Vancouver as well. Even though it's been established that Supergirl exists on an alternate Earth, the revelations in the most recent episodes of THE FLASH can easily solve that problem.

(NOTE: I'll refrain from spoilers, but if anyone has any questions about my theories, feel free to ask in the comment section below.)

Without fully knowing the fate of the show, season one of SUPERGIRL ended with a cliffhanger that mirrored the ending of the movie SE7EN: What's in the box? Or in this case, ship! In an interview with THR, co-producer Ali Adler said, "Season two is going to be more reflective of their past and how they're going to change their future as a result of it in a really emotional way...We definitely want to continue making more of this show."

The affect this move will have, on other shows, could be the driving force behind the most epic television crossover event in history. Being able to develop a story that could span across four shows would be tremendous. If you thought Diggle was impressed with The Flash, what do you think he'll do when he sees a girl fly or melt steel just by looking at it!

Perhaps it could signal the beginning of the JSA!

Regardless of how they proceed from here, the decision to move SUPERGIRL to The CW will allow the DC television empire to become stronger together.