Calling All Cosplayers, Critical Blast Wants You!

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Critical Blast will be launching a new series that shines the spotlight on talented and creative individuals that are dedicated to cosplay.

For years, cosplay has been a big part of conventions. From the young to the elderly, people of all ages and skill levels dress up as their favorite characters in entertainment and pop-culture. Some costumes are thrown together, others take months of planning and preparation to create something that would make Hollywood costume designers swoon.

Regardless of the final product, the imagination, dedication and love of character is something that we here at Critical Blast want to share with our readers. You've earned the right to be celebrated! There are so many cosplayers at conventions, it's easy to get lost in the crowd.

Now's your chance to stand out!

If you are interested in taking part of our monthly 'Bombshell' feature, where we shine the spotlight on you and your creations, contact us at and let us know why you want to be a Critical Blast 'Bombshell'!

NOTE: Critical Blast does not discriminate: all cosplayers are welcome to participate regardless of race, creed, sexual preference or identity. The Critical Blast 'Bombshell' of the Month is an all-inclusive feature. While all submissions are considered, we will only spotlight one cosplayer a month from the pool of requests. If you are selected you will be contacted for an interview as well as unique photography to use within the spotlight. Every submission not used, for the current month, will be saved in consideration for future spotlights.