Introducing Our Critical Blast Bombshell for July 2016: Lady J

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LadyJ Cosplay Spidergirl Critical Blast Bombshell July 2016 Spidergirl

Starting today, Critical Blast is proud to introduce a new feature showcasing the art of cosplay: The Critical Blast Bombshell! Every month we will spotlight a cosplayer doing his or her best to bring our favorite heroes (or villains) to life.

This month, and inaugurating our new feature, we are privileged to present to you a cosplayer from Philadelphia, Lady J, who embodies the essence of cosplay both in imagination as well as in her career path and charity work.

Critical Blast Bombshell, July 2016

Lady J Cosplay

Interest in Cosplay: Cosplay is so important to me because it allows people to share experiences, express their creative/artistic sides, is an important outlet that allows individuals to become their favorite heroes/villains, and share the positive effect these stories of heroism can have on an individual. I not only cosplay for those reasons, but to spread Cospositivity: acceptance to all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, skill level, etc. and to use it to help spread the word, fundraise and appear for charities.
Introduction to Cosplay: My first cosplay was [X-Men's] Storm in 2011 for Wizard World Philadelphia. I knew nothing about cosplay, but knew a comic convention would be the perfect place to dress up as Storm. The cosplay bug really hit me in 2014, and that's when I learned what the term cosplay meant, how vast the community was, and started to learn more about crafting and to teach myself how to sew.
Secret Identity: Forensic DNA Analyst and Owner of Lady J Nerdy Shop
Social Activities: Charity events with the Philadelphia Avengers; Comic Cons; Children's and Team Events with the Philadelphia Power Rangers; High School Career Days
Favorite Cosplay: Favorite cosplay: This question is hard to answer because most of the cosplays I have chosen are because I love the character from childhood, and I connected with them in someway and wanted to express my appreciation for that character and what the character has met to me. But if I had to try and choose one -- or a few -- I would say 1966 Batgirl, Storm and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Yellow Ranger.
Twitter: @LadyJ_DNA
Lady J Cosplay Polaris

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