Our September 2016 Critical Blast Bombshell, Kirk Disla, Doesn't Joke About Cosplay

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Kirk Disla as The Flash

At Critical Blast, we get it. We get that people are going to see the term "Bombshell" and expect busty babes in barely-there costumes. If you really want that, there's this thing called The Internet where you can find more than you can handle of that sort of thing.

But we're looking for a different kind of bombshell. We're looking for cosplayers who make an impact, who are bursting onto the scene, breaking down barriers of stereotype and expectations in new, explosive ways.

(Think we made enough "Blast" and "Bombshell" allusions there?)

That's why we're glad to introduce our September Critical Blast Bombshell, Kirk Disla. That's right, this month's Bombshell...is a dude!

Kirk comes to us from the Philadelphia Avengers, and personifies the pure joy of costuming and roleplaying, with a development that is taking him from conventions to other applications for his passion.

Critical Blast Bombshell, September 2016

Kirk Disla

Interest in Cosplay: I love cosplaying for so many reasons. It's a moment to just stop everything and enjoy the fun. You're surrounded by so many beautiful people, and I don't mean sexy Cosplayers, I mean pure people who love the same stuff you do. And, I know many agree to this, but that moment when I child looks at you and says, "Oh! Oh! Oh, Flash your my favorite! Can I have a picture with you?" That's the topping on the cake. Just knowing for that moment I was The Flash.
Introduction to Cosplay: I always been a huge fan of Halloween. I started building all my Halloween costumes, and I made it my goal to be a Batman villain every year. Than it grew into, "Why do I have to wait till Halloween?" My first con was right in Allentown Pa. I met so many awesome people, and I was hooked -- no turning back. I wanted to be every character. Now I, my wife, and my 12-year-old son cosplay. (The family that cosplays together stays together!)
Secret Identity: My job is a night job. I work for East Penn Manufacturing aka Deka Batteries. I'm a 3rd shift leader/supervisor.
Social Activities: Cons were my first thing. I have now done a few birthdays for friends and coworkers. I don't have many charities under my belt, but I was recruited by the Philadelphia Avengers, and I see many charities and volunteer work in my future that I really looking forward too.
Do you make as much of your own costume or rely on purchased materials -- and is that important overall to cosplaying? You a really good feeling when you do create your own stuff. Others are like, "Wow that is awesome." As of it being important, it really isn't, as long as you represent the character you want to be, it shouldn't matter if you put it together with your own skills or just had it commissioned from someone else to put it together. I dabble with a little bit of sewing, but I'm no good at it. I try my best to build props, and I'm slowly getting better at it (which goes with the sewing). One of my mottos is, "Just jump right in and give it a try. You would be surprised at the hidden talents you might have".
Favorite Cosplay: Favorite cosplay: That hard to choose. I love being the The Flash (he gets a lot of love), but I love being The Joker (Jared Leto) because with him i can be over-the-top silly.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cosplaywithjk/
Twitter: @J_Kcosplay
Instagram: @j_k_cosplay
Kirk Disla as The Joker

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