DC's Super Hero Girls Rock with Fifth Harmony

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While it's more or less playing the song "That's My Girl" by Fifth Harmony while showing clips of DC's Super Hero Girls, it's still a nice partnership to attract attention to the successful property.

The lyrics to the song aren't nearly as empowering as Jordyn Kane's original theme "Get Your Cape On", which was written for the show, but it's got a very catchy beat. Hopefully it will have young girls singing, dancing and associating the girl powered heroes with it. This is just the latest marketing campaign being used to promote DC's Super Hero Girls. A partnership with McDonald's is currently in full swing, as they offer headbands and action figures in their Happy Meals alongside toys for the upcoming cartoon Justice League: Action!

For those of you who may have heard "That's My Girl" and worry about your younger children listening to it, the song has been edited. They did a good job removing not just the word "damn" but also an entire verse to make it more age appropriate: 

Nod if you been played by every boo
Just tryna show you off
Thought he was the best you ever had
Until he cut you off

So feel free to play the video for your kids and bop along to the hard saxophone and the feel good beat that goes along with images of your favorite super hero girls!