Trick-or-Treat: For October Bombshell Desi-Rae Pense, Cosplay is All in the Game

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Desi-Rae Pense October 2016 Critical Blast Bombshell

It's October, and as much as the summer months bring us conventions all over the world for cosplayers to strut their stuff in front of fans and foes alike, this is the month that it's really all about. Because with October comes the original cosplay event, Halloween!

So while you're preparing all the final tricks for this year's costumes, Critical Blast is happy to be bringing you a treat with the cosplay art of Desi-Rae Pense, an Arkansan transplant to California, who draws upon anime and online role-playing games as a source of inspiration for her outfits and props.

Critical Blast Bombshell, October 2016

Desi-Rae Pense

Interest in Cosplay: To me it's like Halloween, everyone getting to dress up and have fun. I even love to just look at other people's designs in their cosplay. It's like looking at art in a way.
Introduction to Cosplay: My favorite holiday was always Halloween because I absolutely LOVE to dress up regardless of my age, and it upset me that it only came once a year. I actually never knew about cosplay until my friend Derek mentioned it when he wanted me to go to a anime con with him, and what I experienced was AMAZING. Not to mention I made so many friends on the way, like my friend Amber Davidson, who is another great cosplayer, who put me deeper in the cosplaying hole. Love that girl.
Secret Identity: I'm a student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, working towards a degree that hopefully will lead me into the gaming industry as a concept artist.
Social Activities: The Arkansas Cosplay Network. The group did have another name before they changed it, but when I'm back in Arkansas to see my family and friends for the summer, we would usually do gatherings for cons or events for kids.
Do you make as much of your own costume or rely on purchased materials -- and is that important overall to cosplaying? Most of the handmade work is put into the props going with the cosplay. I'm so-so when it comes to sewing, since I can only do it by hand. My friend helps me out when it comes to sewing, since she is a cosplayer herself. Otherwise I find clothing or other things and just modify it to my liking. I don't think it really matters how important it is as long as I look good and have fun!
Favorite Cosplay: My favorite cosplay by far (that is my latest) is News Anchor Mettaton from UNDERTALE. I absolutely love that character. The chainsaw I made for her is also my top prop I've made so far. I plan to do her again, but in her robot form instead of a suit.
Twitter: @BatzyDRae

Desi-Rae Pense as UNDERTALE's News Anchor Mettaton

Photograph: Pense Productions


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