Game Jab| Mario Galaxy - Episode 1

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And the adventure begins.

The boys at Game Jab brings Critical Blast a revamp of their show. Game Jab is a Let's Play YouTube channel started back in April 2nd, 2015 (formerly known as GameGasim). When Critical Blast asked them to join they, decided to revamp the show for a new Season Two YouTube/ Critical Blast weekly show called Game Jab. (Rating PG, Or so we try...)

Game Jab! Where we take jabs at games! We are not afraid to take on any game, so bring it on.
. Gameplays
. Game Reviews
. Top Ten
Game Jab Host:
Zach and Kevin are the best of friends, they work well together and just know how to feed off of each others vibes. The duo has decided to start up a gameplay channel after past experiences of working together on past podcasts and projects.
Release Days:
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Series - 13 Minutes long.
Solos - No Time Limit.
Singles - No Time Limit.
Game Reviews or Top Ten - No Time Limit.


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