Voting Open for the Best of 2016!

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Critical Blast 2016 Awards

The year 2016 is officially behind us. And while many of us regard that sentiment with a wipe of the forehead and a heartfelt, "Phew!" there were also a lot of good things to come out of the year. And this is where we recognize those things.

This year, Critical Blast is offering voting opportunities on ten categories, expanding on last year's awards. In addition to best movie, television show, film actor, etc. we have also added a voting category for our cosplay feature added this year, allowing our readers to vote for the first ever Critical Blast Bombshell of 2016!

The nominations were settled on by the Critical Blast editorial staff, but we realize that we don't know everything about our readers. So every category (with the exception of the Bombshell category), readers have the opportunity to suggest an "Other" option, so there's no reason to let your opinion go unheard.

The ballot will remain open through the end of January of 2017. On February 1st, the form will stop accepting nominations, and we will begin tabulating the votes and getting the trophies ordered up and sent out. But we can't do that without your input. So get your votes in, and corral your friends into supporting you with their votes as well! (Note: You do not need to vote in every category.) We'll run individual official announcements late in February for the winner of each category.