Voltron Season 2 Trailer Has Zarkon in Hot Pursuit!

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If you're reading this, odds are you loved season one of Voltron on Netflix and you have been anxiously awaiting for more news. Entertainment Weekly has a great interview up for fans who want an inside look at what's in store for our Paladins in the second season.

When season one ended, our Paladin's were scattered throughout the galaxy, separated during their heroic escape from Zarkon's clutches. It was discovered that Zarkon was the original owner of the Black Lion and his connection with it still runs deep. So deep, in fact, that this season he appears hellbent on tracking down Voltron and reclaiming what was once his.

In the interview, executive producer Lauren Montgomery discusses Zarkon's renewed motivation:

"Him getting close to the Black Lion again fuels him to take his offense directly to the Paladins. He’s gotten a good taste of that lion, and he wants it back."

The trailer clearly indicates that Zarkon presses his attack and stays hot on their tail.

Take a look at the official trailer for season 2 of VOLTRON and then head over to EW.com to read the entire interview that talks about new worlds, new villains and new allies for the upcoming season!