AMC Claims Best TV Show of 2016 with The Walking Dead

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TWD The Walking Dead AMC Best TV 2016

A streak has been broken. While CW's THE FLASH has taken this award for 2014 and 2015, the so-called Fastest Man Alive gets beaten this year by a horde of shamblers.

The nominees for Best Television Show of 2016 had more reader-submitted entries than any other category, with everyone wanting to toss their favorite show into the mix, resulting in a mixed bag containing shows like SHAMELESS, OUTSIDER, THE AMERICANS, MADAM SECRETARY, THIS IS US, and a handful of others. The CW Network had an auspicious showing in terms of entries, with readers nominating SUPERNATURAL, THE 100, ARROW, SUPERGIRL, and THE FLASH. And for the first time, political commentary shows made the mix, perhaps because 2016 was an election year, seeing nominations for both FULL FRONTAL WITH SAMANTHA BEE and LAST WEEK WITH JOHN OLIVER.

GAME OF THRONES was no surprise, given its persistent performance in previous years, but what was a surprise was the strong showing from CBS's well-seasoned series, THE BIG BANG THEORY, which almost but not quite managed to edge out this year's winner.

With our prior announcement that JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN had won the Best TV Actor for 2016 for his role of Negan on THE WALKING DEAD, it would naturally follow that the award for Best TV Show of 2016 would go to that series, which it did with nearly 23% of all the cast ballots.

Congratulations to AMC and all the folks who make the future apocalypse so darned watchable!